Cloud Based Business Applications

Running a business can be taxing at times, and wrestling with inadequate spreadsheets, paper based filing systems and access databases can easily make the task more so.  Off the shelf packages whilst being cost effective, often force your workflow to change to suit the software.  We believe your software should be 100% integrated to your company and the way it does business.

Cloud based business applications are an ideal way to acheive this and they don’t have to be as expensive as you think.  We have created 100% custom cloud based business applications for as little as £2000.00.  This small outlay can save time and money for your business by adapting to your current work flow and optimising output, and productivity,  which ultimately means more money in your account.

We have created all kinds of cloud based business applications, from simple order processing systems,  right through to fully integrated enterprise resource planning suites.

If your business is being held back by poor software,  please get in touch with us via our Contact Page to arrange a no obligation meeting with one of our team.

Case Study – Magnetic Systems Ltd

magsysWe were approached by Magnetic Systems Ltd via 121 IT to convert a clumsy access based database to a cloud based, always online database.

Magnetic systems, amongst other things carry out LOLER required tests on lifting magnets that are used in industry.  Their current system was to jot results down on a peice of paper whilst on site and to transfer these to the database once returning to their factory location.  The requirement was to create an application that had a desktop interface, as well as a mobile counterpart that could be used whilst onsite from a tablet or mobile phone.  Due to the locations that tests were carried out a mobile signal could not be guaranteed,  so their was also a requirement to store the data locally on the mobile device to be synced when a signal was available.

The Solution

We created a core application using Codeigniter (PHP based framework) with a MySQL database, and a native android application based around HTML 5 and jQuery mobile.  This project was a complete success being delivered on time,  within budget,  and exceeding the clients expectations.