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site-overviewIn the age of instant communication a website is one of, if not the most important tool in your marketing arsenal.  Every time you require a service, the first place will you will look is Google. There is no reason to believe your clients are any different.  Even if you are not directly selling from your site,  it is important for you have a presence online, and that it is current, and looks the part.  A poorly executed website could be worse than no website at all.

At Splat Web Solutions (web design Sheffield) we specialise in web design for small to medium companies, creating elegant websites at a fraction of the price charged by the larger agencies.  We can work with an existing brand,  and build your site round that,  or we can take your ideas and convert them to a fresh, modern, exciting brand,  that works in unison with your new website.

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Responsive by default

Responsive Web Design Concept ImageLast year Morgan Stanley predicted that mobile internet usage will overtake those who use a desktop/laptop in 2014.  We are yet to recieve a reliable confirmation of this,  but it is a clear indication that now more than ever,  your site needs to look good and be usable on all devices that the population use to connect to the internet

Some agencies offer “responsiveness” as an added extra which ultimately means you pay more.  At Splat Web Solutions (web design sheffield) we believe that with the market share as it is, you should expect your site to be responsive out of the box,  without any extra expense to yourself.  This means the basic functionality of your site will be delivered to work on any and every device available to your customers. From a 4″ smart phone at the smaller end,  all the way up to the massive resolutions of 4k TVs and projectors.


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Content Management by WordPress

Wordpress Web Design SheffieldWordPress has grown from humble beginnings to become to a massive force in the web design industry.  Claims that it powers around 19% of the web remain undisputed, and it is generally accepted as the most user friendly content management system on the market.  It is for this reason that we base all our content managed websites on WordPress, unless a client specifically asks us not to.

What are content managed websites anyway?

A content management system is a tool that web design firms use to create a site in a way that allows you to edit the content yourself. You may still need to contact a developer for large structural changes to the site,  but if you simply want to change your prices,  add a new page,  change some text etc, their is a built in system to allow you to do that.  Don’t panic!  If you can use MS Word or other similar word processors you can do this.  This means you don’t have to pay us for minor changes, making your website more cost effective.  We can do this for you if you prefer, or we are happy to come and sit with you a couple of times until you get the hang if it.